Things I love in 2019- journal

– Keto Diet
– Decluttering
– Improv
– Creative Outlet

I turned 45 this year and so far, I love it! I have heard that women tend to reach the “F*#K it Stage”. It seems to be the decade when women (in particular) reach a fierce and comfortable engaged ambivalence that is liberating. In my experience I feel that it is time to face the flaws in my life and character and either ACCEPT THEM or FIX THEM. There is no other option that I want to mess with- life is too short.

My weak spots have included my weight, lifestyle and cluttered home.

I started doing the Keto Diet in June of 2018 and it has been lifechanging. I don’t track my carbs anymore so I am sure I am regularly over the Carb limit to be strictly Keto but it has opened my eyes to the fact that my relationship with carbs needs to be arms-length! This weight loss effort seems different because I can’t un-know that carbs make my blood sugar go crazy, energy through the floor and cravings through the roof. Even in the cases where I may overindulge, I get back on track the following meal and move on without guilt.

Three months after I started Keto I was full of energy and this former couch potato started to walk the dog regularly and swimming almost daily in the summer. As the weight continues to come off I hope/plan to expand my physical horizons and try new activities.

Now for the cluttered house- I had let it get out of hand for the past 4 years or so. I love yard sales and oddities and upcycling and this lead to an overabundance of clothes, tchotchkes (Isn’t that the best word?!), antiques, mementos and projects. In 2019 I signed up for an online Uncluttering Challenge and so far, it is going well. I had already started to clear out the unnecessary before I found this course but I chose to commit to this process and let it push me past the levels of my own initiative. For more information visit: Joshua Becker


First Blog Post!

I created the layout for this blog 4 years ago and never even wrote a post! This is my first. I am in my mid forties and embarking on several life upgrades for myself! I am committed to making healthier lifestyle choices, decluttering my house, expressing my creativity and being more vulnerable. this blog will serve as my outlet for my best ideas!

It is primarily for my own purposes but I hope to post some helpful and inspiring tips and projects.