Sashbag Canada Review

Have you heard about the Sashbag? It has an ingenious design and has been a staple in my wardrobe since last fall.

I periodically bump into fellow “Sash Sisters” in person and regularly get compliments and observations about my own bag.

Watch this space for more referral information about where to get yours!

One of my favourite things about this San Diego based company is that they include Canadians in their vision. Very few US based companies have a Canadian Distribution Centre but does. All the orders I have placed have shipped promptly from British Columbia Canada.

Sashbag is designed with busy people in mind! 

Looking for a Coupon Code?  First Time Customers can save 30% using FIRST30 at time of checkout!

More information to follow. Thanks for popping by!


SixThreeZero Scholar Cream Cruiser Bike

It has been on my Summer To Do list to get back into bike riding. I wanted a nice old fashioned bike with a basket- the most important part.

Well, I did it. I pulled the trigger and ordered a beauty off Amazon.

The brand is SixThreeZero and it just arrived today.

It is too soon for me to write a detailed review because we just assembled it this evening and I only rode it around the block but I am excited to find some good paved paths.

The stated priority of this brand of Cruiser Bike places comfort over performance.

The assembly was not terrible but the fender brackets were difficult to install. I believe that the paint job may have made the holes a bit smaller and the bolts were a bit tricky and tight.

I need to buy a helmet before I can start riding. That is the task for tomorrow.

SixThreeZero Cruiser Bike in Scholar Cream

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Perfect June Evening for a Paint Project

The spring of 2019 has been cold and wet and stressful for local farmers. This past weekend was so incredibly beautiful and perfect that all is forgiven in my books!

In an effort to prolong the weekend and take full advantage of it, I moved my project space outside into my garden and tackled this yard sale purchase with the supervision of my little dog. This rather unloved wall shelf was a $2 purchase last weekend and I have visions of it in my downstairs powder room.

My current favourite colour is a soft vintage yellow and it took all my restraint to not choose Bees Knees Country Chic Paint but it is going in my powder room which is painted in African Violet by Benjamin Moore.

The next best thing is a creamy white colour and I chose Vanilla Frosting Country Chic Paint. #Graciesplacecountrychicpaint

Below are the images of the project from start to finish:

BEFORE- yard sale find chicken wire wall cabinet in dingy and dated brown- ready for an upcycle using clay based paint
BEFORE- Dingy, dusty and sad! The chicken wire cabinet is destined for an upgrade!
Dark shelves interior
My backyard “Studio” designed to prolong this beautiful June weekend and let my dog explore and sniff while I work.
First Coat of Paint- a word of caution- things often look pretty unpromising at this point. I was wondering if it was worth my time at this stage! I persevered.
Country Chic Paint from Gracie’s Place in Thamesford Ontario in the colour of Vanilla Frosting. An easy Facelift for my sad cabinet! At this point it is ready for some rough handling and I did this with some Medium and Fine Grit Sandpaper. Any imperfections become features.
It has not yet been installed but I sanded rough spots, distressed edges and smoothed the large flat surfaces. I used Natural Wax to polish it and highlight the remaining wood peekthroughs!

I am surprised how much creamier the colour is once waxed and in the powder room. In my opinion the colour looked like a cool white when I was working with it.

I am still learning how to use this paint. I am glad to be a Brand Ambassador for Country Chic Paint at Gracie’s Place. You can stop in for a unique shopping experience and enjoy some homemade Gelato and pick up some paint for your next project while you are out. I highly recommend that you add Gracie’s Place to your Summer Roadtrip Plans! Located on Highway 2 between London and Thamesford near Trail’s End.

I will make another post when I have actually installed the cabinet… until then, Thanks for popping by!

Succulent Casserole

You might assume I am posting a recipe here. I am not!

I love Sempervivum Tectorum, more commonly known as Hen & Chicks or Conmon Houseleek. They multiply abundantly when they are happy and remain lush and charming all summer and fall long.

I picked up this very rough vintage Weller Casserole Dish at a yard sale for a quarter. It has chips, cracks and crazing- in other words CHARM!

I popped in some gravel as a base and planted a couple succulents in it.

I look forward to seeing it flourish over the summer.

Succulent Garden Upcycled Weller Casserole Dish

Brown Vintage Weller Casserole Dish gets a renewed life as a Summer succulent planter

Brown Casserole Dish with Metal Holder with Black Handles

Even the lid of this vintage Casserole is a star of this green upcycle.

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Poshmark is now in Canada – Invite Code

I just signed up and have not even really figured it out but I am excited anytime something includes Canada in their services. We are a small market when compared to our Southern Neighbours.

If you are looking for am Invite, you can use mine. I get a benefit and so do you!


Enter this code at time of Sign Up and you will receive $5 credit and so will I.

I have a pair of VANS Shoes that I intend to list immediately to get experimenting. Thanks for popping by!

POSHMARK Canada Invite Code: SixpenceOdd

Feel free to use my invite code.  It benefits both you and me!

Mother’s Day Plate- Mama Bird in a Rocking Chair with Baby

Mama Bird in Rocking Chair Plate

A charming and peaceful mother bird rocks her baby bird to sleep in a rocking chair under a tree. Baby is sweetly wrapped in a cone!

This has got to be my favourite weekend yard sale find!  There is no mark on the back of this plate except for a tiny gold dot.  Maybe it is handpainted.  The detail is darling and unlike anything I have ever seen, even Google can’t find something similar for me.  I am posting this in case someone else is looking for this design or motif.  The gold is worn on the rim of the plate and it has a small chip but I am utterly charmed by it.  It was even on Mother’s Day Weekend that I found it.

Please let me know if you have anything similar or if you have suggestions on where to look for information.

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Glo-Hill Gourmates at the Salvation Army

I was browsing the aisles of the local Salvation Army when I spotted a beautiful red and chrome serving tray.  It immediately struck me as quite extraordinary though I did not recognize the design and I am NOT an entertainer.  I did purchase it for the $3 price tag and took it home.  The label on the bottom is still pristine so it only took me a couple of moments to realize that what I had found was a mid-century serving piece that was made in Canada sometime in the 50s-70s.  I still haven’t found the exact piece but I am confident that the beautiful red handle and riser are the trademark red Bakelite of Glo-Hill Gourmates of Montreal.


Glo-Hill Gourmates By Avon Red Bakelite and Chrome Sandwich Stand


Creation Pour Avon Presents Gourmates by Glo Hill Canada


Isn’t she amazing!  I have listed her on my Etsy Shop but I may have overshot a little in my price because I would like to keep her!

Check out SixpenceOddities on Etsy.  This Product: Glo-Hill Gourmates 2-Tier Stand

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